Gluten Free Pie? Gluten Free Pie!

by Donna. Almost two weeks ago my husband and I decided to go gluten-free for a two week trial period, to see if it would relieve some of his issues.  It has been an interesting experiment, which I will eventually get around to summarising on my blog.  One thing we resolved to do during the […]

Harry Eastwood’s August Cake

by Donna We are in the midst of doing a gluten-free experiment at home, trying to find the source of my husband’s stomach irritation.  Rather than look at this as a period of deprivation, we are seeing this as a way to experiment and cook with new ingredients and in ways that we may not normally embrace.  […]

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Donna. Forming a part of my cookie dough three ways ice cream recipe (see my post at Beating Limitations) these cookies are based on the always dependable Cook’s Illustrated.  The trick with this recipe is to resist overbaking.  The cookies really are done after about 12 minutes, a maximum of 14 – even though […]

“THAT” Carrot Cake

 Nadya’s Carrot Cake (inspired by Baker & Spice) Last summer I was invited to a 30th birthday BBQ and, naturally, I asked what I could bring. The birthday boy knew from cycling with my boyfriend that I was pretty handy with baking so he asked for a cake. He didn’t ask for a specific kind, […]

Pancetta and Cheddar Scones

by Erica. A few weeks ago at work one of the chefs in the company restaurant/canteen made cheese and bacon scones. I had one and almost immediately had to try to make them myself. Call it inspiration if you like. I had a chat with her and discovered that she had used pancetta rather than […]