Bread Heads: Learning Bread from E5

So… After the tarte-tastrophe and disappointment from my undercooked puff at the Galvin Tarte Tatin competition a few weeks ago, many people have asked me what the future holds in store when it comes to me and cooking. To which I replied…

I need a new project… Something that will challenge me… Something that will involve a lot of ‘try, do, learn, repeat…’

I think I’ve decided.

Back at the end of April I did a day course at E5 Bakehouse up in Hackney, London near London Fields. Learning to make bread from the self-confessed “bread heads” of east London.


I loved the course. I felt the same way as when I learned to make puff pastry – a deep satisfaction from working dough. Transforming flour into food. I loved creating things so delicious by combining flour and water, with the magic of a starter, a little mixing and a lot of patience.


The twists are endless. From wheat to rye. From bagels to pizza dough.

Now. If only I hadn’t killed the starter that I left E5 with…

For more information on the E5 Bakehouse bread classes, check out their website. I found the day extremely informative and look forward to trying my hand at getting a starter going, and taking things from there. Fingers crossed that I will start to find success so that I can take the Advanced Bread class in the autumn!

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