Project Bacon: A Day with Niamh Shields

Kickstarter. You know the service. “Back” (invest in) something that interests you, get a thing or experience in return. For me Kickstarter is like a show of faith in a person or idea. I’ve backed a few things – from Mark Allen’s book The Art of Competition to Cyril Pahinui’s project Let’s Play Music. And Niamh Shields #ProjectBacon bacon inspired cookbook.

One upon a time back in the early days of Twitter, I met Niamh at Hawksmoor in Spitalfields. I think it was when Hawksmoor launched their (now gone but ever famous) Sunday brunch. I was completely charmed, and have been a follower of her blog ever since. So when Niamh decided to do a Kickstarter for her second cookbook, I showed my support and backed her.

My return was not just access to the recipes, but also a day with Niamh. We decided to do the cooking experience at my place, and I finally got it together enough to coordinate schedule and guests and we made #BaconFest a reality last Saturday.

And ohmigod what a THING it was. EPIC by any stretch of the word.

Niamh Shields showing us bacon

From candied bacon, to bacon fudge, bacon toffee, bacon brownies, roast bacon loin, roast bacon belly, bacon and more bacon. My kitchen became a big giant bacon fest, every pot and pan used, to bring bacon goodness to me and some friends last Saturday.

Roast Bacon Loin

We spent from 2 until 7 cooking all things bacon, then from about 8 until midnight enjoying the results.

I woke up with a distinct groggy feeling and I am sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the 15 bottles of champagne and wine that disappeared on Saturday. No. I am pretty sure it was a bacon hangover. Bacover? 😉

Project: Bacon by Niamh Shields has not yet been released to the public, but my advanced work of advice to you: if you enjoy bacon, buy this book. The recipes we made were simply gorgeous.

Thanks Niamh for such a lovely day and night of cooking, eating, singing and laughing.

And bacon!

Candied Bacon

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