Hi I’m Donna and welcome to 52 Weeks of Eating, a site dedicated place to my love of food.

When I went away to university, my mother gave me two things – a rice cooker, and a slow cooker. My dad dropped me off in the dorms with packs of fresh fish, along with soy sauce and wasabi. You might say that I come from a family that knows the value of good home cooked (or home prepared, in the case of sashimi) food.

When I moved to Japan, I decided amongst the best ways to get to know the country was through its food. My first night in my new city I went in search of an izakaya – eating and drinking place – and quickly found myself with a group of friends from all types of background, with one thing in common – a love of top quality food.

My kitchen is the heart of my house, my dining table a place for laughter and great conversation.

And my oven? Well it is indispensable, especially as I pursue creating the ultimate tarte tatin as I try to win the London Galvin Brothers Tarte Tatin competition!

Pictured with Jeff and Chris Galvin, May 2013
Pictured with Jeff and Chris Galvin, May 2013

I hope you find something here that takes your fancy. Feel free to visit me at my sister site, Beating Limitations, where I have been writing since 2009 spotlighting my life as an endurance athlete with challenges. You may find some reposted content here from Beating Limitations, some favourite recipes and food finds. You might also find some content here from my older collaborative baking blog, “52 Weeks of Baking”. Happy eating!

If you are interested in knowing more about our fabulous header illustration, this was created by Hannah Ensor.  Hannah can be found on twitter @stickmancrips, her work and story can be found on her main site, or check out her blog.  Hannah is an incredibly talented artist who we feel fortunate to have met, and she manages Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (otherwise known as “being bendy”) with both style and a smile.  To learn more about hypermobility and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, please visit the HMSA.