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Whisky Ice Cream

It was late. We had just finished dinner with colleagues in Tokyo. But with our jetlag we were far from ready to go to sleep. So we decided to head to the bar for a nightcap. In extremely atypical (for me) fashion, I noticed the menu featured Yamazaki 25 whisky. I am not usually a whisky […]

Project Bacon: A Day with Niamh Shields

Kickstarter. You know the service. “Back” (invest in) something that interests you, get a thing or experience in return. For me Kickstarter is like a show of faith in a person or idea. I’ve backed a few things – from Mark Allen’s book The Art of Competition to Cyril Pahinui’s project Let’s Play Music. And […]

Farcous – Chard Pancakes

Today marks the beginning of Lent. And that means one thing in this part of the world – that yesterday was Pancake Day, meaning it was pancakes for dinner last night! Our flavour of choice? Farcous, or swiss chard pancakes. The origin of Pancake Day is simple – to use up all the fats in […]

Bread Heads: Learning Bread from E5

So… After the tarte-tastrophe and disappointment from my undercooked puff at the Galvin Tarte Tatin competition a few weeks ago, many people have asked me what the future holds in store when it comes to me and cooking. To which I replied… I need a new project… Something that will challenge me… Something that will […]

Galvin Tarte Tatin 2015

I don’t know what inspired me to set this goal, but three years ago I decided that I wanted to win the Galvin Tarte Tatin competition. I know I am a good home baker – my family always asks me to make the desserts for our meals together. Maybe it’s because I wanted to prove […]