Galvin Tarte Tatin 2015

I don’t know what inspired me to set this goal, but three years ago I decided that I wanted to win the Galvin Tarte Tatin competition. I know I am a good home baker – my family always asks me to make the desserts for our meals together. Maybe it’s because I wanted to prove […]

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

by Erica. Pie is an occasional weekend treat in my house; mainly because I prefer to make my own pastry and that makes it perfect for a weekend when there is time. I prefer to make and eat savoury pies so the rare occasions I have time that is what I tend to make. Last […]

Gluten Free Pie? Gluten Free Pie!

by Donna. Almost two weeks ago my husband and I decided to go gluten-free for a two week trial period, to see if it would relieve some of his issues.  It has been an interesting experiment, which I will eventually get around to summarising on my blog.  One thing we resolved to do during the […]