Farcous – Chard Pancakes

Today marks the beginning of Lent. And that means one thing in this part of the world – that yesterday was Pancake Day, meaning it was pancakes for dinner last night! Our flavour of choice? Farcous, or swiss chard pancakes. The origin of Pancake Day is simple – to use up all the fats in […]

Ideas for Eggplants (Aubergines)

by Donna. Baking isn’t only about sweet treats.  I particularly like putting my oven to use when it comes to making vegetables. Eggplants seem to say “summer” to me.  Besides delicious things like Eggplant Parmigiana which take advantage of both summer eggplants and tomatoes (my recipe for that comes from my mother-in-law – and I have […]

Baked Fennel

by Donna. It’s spring time.  This week fennel bulb made a return to my weekly fruit and vegetable box. Last year we greeted the return of spring with a fennel, chili and mint salad – but the weather was warm and like summer.  This year it is cool and raining, like February or March, except […]